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Dear Marketers, You Have 10 Seconds

As I walked to the subway last Tuesday morning, I passed an oh-so-obvious millennial male whose professional “work attire” immediately caught my attention. He was well-groomed in mahogany leather oxfords, well-tailored denim pants, great hair and, unexpectedly, a quaint backpack with none other than a nostalgic Disney star, Donald Duck, emblazoned across it. I instantly […]

Why Influencer Marketing Has A Metrics Problem — And How We Can Solve It

In the last few years, social influencers have emerged as powerful media channels, and marketers are taking note. In 2015, “you saw leading edge companies adopting influencer marketing … and it’s certainly not going to slow down any time soon,” Chuck Moran, vp of marketing at RhythmOne, told Marketing Dive. Partnering with influencers has proven […]

Kendall Jenner And The Top 2% of Social Media Influencers Earn As Much As $230 Per Post

American fashion model and television personality Kendall Jenner and other social media influencers can earn as much as $230,000 per branded post on social media sites. Social media analytics company D’Marie told Adweek that the top two per cent of influencers could earn almost a quarter of a million dollars per branded post appearing either […]

Islamic Fashion Gets a Social Media Boost

A new video campaign encouraging consumers to recycle clothes has been making headlines – but for a very different reason. What took off fromSwedish brand H&M’s initiative – portraying urban scenes and stylish attires on a diverse group of people – was the debut of a Muslim model donning a hijab, a first by any international fashion retailer. […]

Instagram Power In The Hands Of Influencers

Instagram is the playground of many brands and people, known for food, fitness and fashion. The platform has exploded with users sharing just about everything on the little sister of Facebook. Instagram has more than 400 million users globally and approximately six million registered users in Australia. Australian digital agency Online Circle Digital has just released an Instagram Performance […]

YouTubers Make How Much Money?

Remember when it was really difficult to get famous? Before the internet and reality shows you had to do something pretty exceptional to get fame and the fortune that comes with it. Can you imagine that there was once a time (long long ago) when we actually didn’t know very much about famous people? Not […]

4 Principals Of Successful Influencer Marketing

The Bard once commented: what’s past is prologue. This couldn’t be truer, especially when it comes to online marketing. Way back when, display advertising gave way to search optimization, which in turn led to social media advertising and where we are today, where marketers are converging with social media influencers who, in a best case […]

Partnering With Influencers Means Meeting Them Halfway

According to YouTube enterprise rights and marketing firm Zefr, 60% of marketers will increase spend on influencer marketing in the coming year, and 22% say it is a top-ranked customer acquisition tool. The firm’s EVP and global media solutions chief, Rick Song, moderated an Advertising Week “crash course” on influencer marketing on Wednesday. The event […]

4 Emerging Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Bloggers have catapulted over the last decade from obscurity to near-celebrity status, using agents in many cases to broker sponsorship deals that can reach tens of thousands of dollars for a single Instagram post. As a result of these hefty price tags, brands […]