YouTubers Make How Much Money?

Remember when it was really difficult to get famous?

Before the internet and reality shows you had to do something pretty exceptional to get fame and the fortune that comes with it. Can you imagine that there was once a time (long long ago) when we actually didn’t know very much about famous people?

Not so now.  In the 21st century you can share your appearance and as much information about your life as you like with the whole world at just the click of a button. Social media has revolutionized the way fame is attained and now it is totally possible for fame to lead to money…especially when it comes to YouTube.

It may not seem that it’s a way to earn a full time living but the numbers some of these YouTube content creators are pulling in is totally crazy. From playing games, to make up tutorials, to prank videos, millions and millions of subscribers are tuning in every day to watch on YouTube, and the big name YouTubers are getting paid.

Millions of dollars are being made just from the ad revenue of YouTube alone. YouTube’s most subscribed channel, PewDiePie has estimated earnings of $12 million. $12 million! That is an insane amount of money for playing video games all day.

He’s not the only one raking in the dough, though—take a look below to find out who else is filthy rich!

Fine Brothers $8.5 million.

KSI $4.5 million

Lilly Singh $2.5 million

Lindsey Sterling $6 million

Michelle Phan $3 million

Rhett & Link $4.5 million

Roman Atwood $2.5 million

Rosanna Pansino $2.5 million

Smosh $8.5 million

Zoella $3.5 million

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