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Meet The Social Elite

Creating Partnerships For Digital Influence

Coodle partners with media, brands and agencies to provide a wide range of influencer services

Influencer Division

Brands who want to grow need to be talked about, and in this current market being social is just one part of the strategy. In a world where traditional media platforms are struggling to maintain their audiences’ attention, you need trusted influencers, connectors and mavens on your side so you can be sure that you’re being heard and your story is being told.

Our agency offers brands the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the region’s most influential online talent. Companies who are looking to engage their audience in a meaningful way can tap into a trusted network of the brightest stars on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat along with a range of international fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers, bloggers and vloggers in the region.

If you’re a brand or business, help us understand what you’re about and we will help you build a successful influencer campaign. Tap into our network and select relevant people who can integrate your brands’ message into their audience through natively created content.

We Support With

Castings & Management – Find the perfect talents for your campaign by working with dedicated casting directors searching across the region’s largest database for influential creatives. Once cast, our team manages negotiations, contracting, deliverables, and reporting helping ensure the highest level of service for our brand partners.

Placements & Gifting – Coodle Media manages strategic placements across YouTube, Instagram, and the media properties of our talented influencers. Campaigns include reporting on clicks, impressions, shares, comments and other KPIs.

Film, Studio and Street Production – Our network of creators include hundreds of videographers and photographers whose work spans across digital media to the pages of luxury lifestyle magazines.

Fashion Week & Festivals – Coodle Media aligns influencers with global and regional fashion events, art and music festivals, creating exclusive content opportunities for brands looking to reach target consumers.

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