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Curated Services for Mastering Social Media and Influencer Relations

Digital Management and Strategy – In today’s digital world, we believe it’s critical to put strategy first in everything we do. Based on our in-depth research from digital audits, digital listening to online consumer conversations and competitor reports, we will help guide your decision making when creating meaningful experiences. These experiences will share your story by synergizing the worlds of digital engagement, storytelling and social media. Because we put strategy first, we create ideas and solutions that have purpose – focused on fulfilling your consumer and brand needs.

Community & Conversation Management – Think of a friend who you see on a regular basis. If they tried to sell you something every time you met them, would you still want meet with them? Probably not! So why would any individual want to engage with a business that is only interested in talking at them instead of engaging in a conversation with them. We understand what is necessary to cultivate, nurture, or engage with any given audience. Working with our clients on community management for social platforms, we use insights gained from listening, and content guided by data, to establish or increase brand reputation, retain current customers and attract new ones.

Industry Reports – Identify how your brand compares to others across social and influencer platforms. Get monthly updates on how you’re preforming and what impact your brand has across the most influential talents and creatives.

Social Media Management – Coodle Media provides monthly retainer management of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, branded blogs and more, offering brands expertly managed accounts designed to increase fanbase and consumer interactions.

Social Media Advertising – Managing your advertising and PPC campaigns across multiple social media platforms is a time consuming process. We have a number of internal tech tools which can streamline your workload and we combine these with market leading software and our own personal experience in order to consistently deliver. We know how important it is to react quickly to changes, issues and opportunities within every sector and this is why everyone of our clients who employs us to manage their social media advertising has a dedicated contact point with out of hours access. We have the levels of experience that enable us to facilitate training in social media advertising, both in terms of planning and execution and we can do this at your offices or at our base camp.

Content Creation – To effectively market your business in today’s environment it’s necessary to consistently create relevant content across digital platforms and social media channels, whether it’s through micro-sites, blogs, gifs on Tumblr, infographics on Pinterest or visual stories on Instagram. Our content is created natively for the platform it’s intended for and its audience, with respect to the distinctions of usage and user behavior.

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